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Dangerous Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, and FIBCs

We’ve covered a large number of topics on the NBB blog over the last year, but one area we haven’t spent much time talking about is using FIBCs in situations with chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and dangerous materials. That’s because for most products and applications, a standard bulk bag will suffice. However, that certainly isn’t always the case and at National Bulk Bag we pride ourselves in being an educational resource for all users and website visitors.

Choosing a Pharmaceutical Grade FIBC Bulk Bag Supplier

Adhering to strict procedures and quality standards to protect against contamination is a never-ending job in the pharmaceutical industry. It requires discipline and attention to detail during every step of the process from manufacturing to packing, handling and transportation.  

Download our Product Weight Guide & FIBC Volume Calculator

Product Weight Guide and FIBC Volume Calculator

Download our Product Weight Guide and FIBC Volume Calculator to help you determine how much weight a specific bag will hold.


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