All About Full Bottom Discharge FIBCs ("Diaper Bottom")

All About Full Bottom Discharge FIBCs ("Diaper Bottom")

At National Bulk Bag, we talk about FIBC construction a lot and for a good reason. The sheer volume of customization options available in the industry can be overwhelming. From coating options to top and bottom construction to vented sides, there are hundreds of possibilities and combinations of bag construction. This makes the topic a natural area to cover thoroughly on our blog. For most products and applications, a spout or flat bottom FIBC is the ideal bottom construction. However, what if your application requires faster discharge? Or a larger opening? For those situations we recommend a “full bottom discharge” bag.


Full bottom discharge (diaper bottom) FIBC, National Bulk BagFull Bottom Discharge Bulk Bags

Full bottom discharge bulk bags, often referred to as “diaper bottom” or “diaper discharge”, are FIBCs with bottom openings that span the full length and width as the dimensions of the bag. For example, if you’re using a 35x35x45 bag with a full discharge bottom, the discharge opening on the bottom of the bag would be 35x35 – or the full width and length of the bag itself.

The bottom opening also features a flap very similar to the one found on duffle top bags. This flap is tied/sealed when the bag is used and during filling, then untied for rapid discharge of the product. Extremely fast discharge is one of the primary benefits of a full bottom discharge bag. No other construction type allows for this rate of discharge giving this bag a distinct advantage in applications where this is a necessity.


The Coffee Industry

The inspiration for this post came from some recent requests we’ve received from the coffee industry. In certain situations, coffee companies have a need for handling large quantities of wet coffee grounds. As is the case with many materials when wet, there is an issue discharging the wet material through a standard spout bottom bag. Specifically, the spout becomes clogged due to the wet material. This problem is completely mitigated with a full bottom discharge FIBC making it the ideal bag with this product in this application.


Other Industry Applications

This same logic can also be applied to other products that are handled when wet. Another common industry application is construction. Construction crews will often use this type of bag to haul large quantities of wet dirt/soil. It greatly depends on the product, but full discharge (diaper bottom) bags should be considered in any product/application where there is risk of clogging a spout bottom.


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October 24, 2018

Categories: Bulk Bag Construction

About the Author: Jenny Rosa

Jenny Rosa is an Account Manager for the industrial bag division of Rapid Packaging and National Bulk Bag. She received her Associates Degree from St. Cloud State University and was previously a researcher at JNR Adjustment.

Jenny's background at Rapid includes starting in Customer Service in 2015 and making the transition to sales in 2017. Her background in CS has helped her enjoy finding whole packaging solutions. This includes picking out stock options for short term use, to creating custom solutions unique to individual business and industries.

In her free time Jenny enjoys going to concerts - particularly country, pop and rock. She is a die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan and enjoys canning her own food in the fall (her favorite is homemade spaghetti sauce).

Jenny is National Bulk Bag's resident food-grade specialist. This includes but is not limited to pet food, nuts and legumes, and ready-to-eat foods. She understands in depth the stringent rules facing the food industry as a whole and is an expert at helping food companies find the right bag for their product and application. She also has extensive knowledge of woven polypropylene, BOPP, polyethylene, and textile bags.

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