Are Bulk Bags Watertight or Waterproof?

Are Bulk Bags Watertight or Waterproof?

Bulk Bags are one of the most versatile bulk containers on the market. For the most part, no matter what product you are storing and/or transporting, there is a bag that fits your unique application.

One question that we were recently asked by a prospective client was “Are FIBCs Watertight or Waterproof?”. In this blog we explore and answer this question as well as offer possible solutions to this specific issue.

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Are Bulk Bags Watertight or Waterproof? 

There is a lot of bad information out on the web about flexible intermediate bulk containers being watertight/waterproof and we want to set the record straight. Flexible intermediate bulk containers are not waterproof or watertight. FIBCs are made from woven polypropylene and the woven fabric itself is not watertight or waterproof.

Some bags are coated with a polypropylene laminate which can be on the inside of the bag, the outside of the bag, or both. This polypropylene laminate does not make the FIBC waterproof or watertight which is a common misconception. Polypropylene lamination can act as an adequate moisture barrier and can significantly reduce fine material leakage but again, does not make an FIBC waterproof or watertight. Click here to learn more about coated and uncoated bags.


Can You Make Bulk Bags Watertight or Waterproof? 

The quick an easy answer to this question is no. FIBCs cannot be made watertight or waterproof but there are a few options that are available to you that can help you limit moisture and product leakage. Bags can be fitted with an internal polyethylene liner. Polyethylene liners, commonly referred to as poly liners, are flexible plastic liners specifically designed to line the inside of a bag. This adds an additional moisture/leakage barrier but this again, this does not make the bag 100% waterproof. Click here to learn more about polyethylene liners.

There is also a specific type of liner, usually called “liquid liners” which are a form fit liner that can be used to transport products such as chemicals and juice. These form fit liners are cube shaped which ensures proper fill and fit in the container and reduces the risk of product getting caught in the liner folds. Liquid liners are great a great option for liquid applications but again, this will not make your bag completely waterproof, or watertight.


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December 19, 2018

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