What Are Bulk Bag Document Pouches? Why Are They Important?

What Are Bulk Bag Document Pouches? Why Are They Important?

As new industries emerge, new opportunities emerge with them. Previously regulated industries like hemp and cannabis are suddenly open for business in the United States and have become large users of products like FIBC bulk bags. However, with these new opportunities have also come plenty of new challenges – especially inside industries that while legal, remain heavily regulated with guidelines and laws often being completely different state to state.

This combo-platter has hit the hemp/biomass industry especially hard. Regulations and guidelines regarding the harvest, storage, transportation, and processing of the raw biomass materials are increasingly complicated (especially across state lines). These conditions make it more important than ever that growers and/or processors take all the necessary precautions to protect themselves. That brings the discussion to document pouches. What are they? Why are they important? How could they help you when transporting your hemp/biomass and/or hazardous product(s)? Let’s explore.


Document Pouches for Bulk Bags

The concept of document pouches is straight forward. Doc pouches are small plastic pouches that are sewn into the side of FIBCs designed to hold important documents that pertain to the contents of the bag. Primarily, doc pouches are designed to carry critical information such as legal information for law enforcement and/or information regarding hazardous materials within the bag. Multiple doc pouches can be sewn to a single a bag making them versatile and flexible in nature.


Why Are They Important (A Short Story)

A Short Story

 Recently, we had a customer (call them ABC Hemp) that needed to transport a full truckload of industrial hemp from State A to State B. On their way across state lines, they were pulled over by law enforcement. Upon inspection, the bags holding the material were not labeled in any way and did not properly identify the properties of the bag’s contents.  Therefore, the driver was arrested for transport of an illicit substance. Eventually, through extensive legal action, the material was properly identified as hemp and the charges were dropped. However, this ended up being a time-consuming and costly situation for ABC Hemp.

How Doc Pouches Could Help

Sadly, this entire situation could have been avoided if the hemp product had the proper documentation attached right to the bulk bags it was contained in. This documentation is required in many instances and by attaching it to the product container you eliminate the risks of losing documentation or simply forgetting to have it with the product as is legally required in many situations.



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March 03, 2020

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