When to Use CROHMIQ Type D FIBC Jumbo Bags

When to Use CROHMIQ Type D FIBC Jumbo Bags

Workplace safety is a top priority at National Bulk Bag. With every product that we sell and distribute, we are constantly helping our customers and potential customers find the safest, most reliable jumbo bag for their product and application.

This is especially true when it comes to the reduction of static electricity in facilities using bulk bags. When using FIBCs, static electricity can build up in and around the bag resulting in a dangerous amount of energy. Under the wrong circumstances, that energy can discharge and create a powerful electrical shock.

This discharge is extremely dangerous not only for those handling the bags, but those in the facility. This can be devastating in situations where hazardous and/or volatile materials are being stored/transported in the bags. The release of static electricity can cause materials to combust resulting in severe injury and sometimes death of the handlers. Type D jumbo bags were created for these specific situations.


Type D FIBC jumbo bag, National Bulk Bag, CROHMIQType D FIBC Jumbo Bags

There are 4 types of bags available on the market today. Type D jumbo bags are different from your standard bag (type A). The biggest difference is the anti-static materials that type D use. All non-type A bags (types B, C, & D) have some sort of electrostatic protection, however there are differences in the level of protection they provide and how they provide it.

Type B jumbo bags provide the most basic protection against static discharge. They are made of materials that have low breakdown voltage that can prevent brush discharge of static electricity, however they’re not considered anti-static because they have no active mechanism for dispelling built up static.

Type C and D jumbo bags are considered to be anti-static bags because they both have active solutions for dispelling static charge. The biggest difference between type C and D bags is how they are grounded. Type C bags must be grounded using a wire while type D jumbo bags (CROHMIQTM) require no grounding. Type D FIBCs are created with an anti-static material that not only resists static charge, but also actively dispels any that has built up.



CROHMIQTM is a jumbo bag fabric that is resistant to the build up of static electricity. It’s advertised as the ‘world’s safest static protective’ bulk bag. They’re not the only provider of Type D jumbo bags, but are easily the most recognized brand in non-grounded static resistant jumbo bags.


When Should I Use a CROHMIQTM Type D FIBC?

The first thing to consider when deciding to use a type D bag is what material(s) you will be storing/transporting in and out of your facility. If you’re using jumbo bags to transport volatile or combustible materials, you should be using a type C or D bag. The risk of a discharge of static is far too great to use a standard FIBC.

At National Bulk Bag, we recommend using type D CROHMIQTM bags in these situations. Human error can be a contributing risk factor in many workplaces. The stakes are much higher when handling combustible and volatile materials. Because humans must ground type C bags, the risk of human error is a much higher. The convenience of not having to ground type D jumbo bags is a big safety feature. By eliminating the need to ground the bags, you eliminate a lot of the human error that can cause accidents, injury, and even death.



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October 13, 2017

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