The Advantage to Using FIBC Bulk Bags with Firewood

The Advantage to Using FIBC Bulk Bags with Firewood

As the FIBC industry grows and expands into different industries, the use cases expand as well. This is a testament to the flexible nature of bulk bags and the various construction types that are available. This flexible nature allows bulk bags to be used in applications one could never anticipate 5-10 years ago.

Enter the firewood industry. On the surface, there isn’t an obvious use case besides the basic transportation and storage of chopped firewood. As good of a use case as this is, it does not speak to a trend in the firewood industry of using FIBCs for seasoning. What is firewood seasoning? How do bulk bags aid in this process? Let’s explore.


The Seasoning Process for Firewood

Firewood seasoning is the process of taking freshly cut wood and preparing it to be burned in the eventual customer’s application. When trees are chopped down and cut, there is often significant amounts of moisture still present in the wood. This is an unacceptable situation for sale as moist firewood does not burn well and sometimes not at all. This necessitated a process within the industry for properly preparing the wood for eventual sale. This process would eventually be called seasoning. Seasoning is where the freshly cut firewood is stored in a dry environment to allow the wood to breathe and the moisture to evaporate over time. Essentially it is a glorified drying process.


FIBCs Are a Great Fit for the Seasoning Process

Bulk bags are a great fit for use in firewood operations because they can be used to accomplish multiple steps in the process of creating usable firewood – increasing the operating efficiency of firewood companies. This is because FIBCs can be used for storage and transportation on-site when the wood is being cut and to store the bags during seasoning – removing the necessity to use multiple storage and transportation vessels.

Vented bags are a fantastic fit to accomplish both tasks. Vented bags have small slits in the sides of the bag that allow more air to enter/exit the bag. Freshly cut firewood can be placed on-site into vented bags, loaded onto transport, and placed it storage for seasoning. This streamlines the entire process from tree to finished firewood product.


Talk to Your Distributor

No matter what your product, industry, and/or application, it’s important to talk to your distributor to make sure you get the right bag. Not all bags are a good fit for all applications. A knowledgeable distributor will walk you through the process and find the perfect bag for you.



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April 22, 2020

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About the Author: Jenny Rosa

Jenny Rosa is an Account Manager for the industrial bag division of Rapid Packaging and National Bulk Bag. She received her Associates Degree from St. Cloud State University and was previously a researcher at JNR Adjustment.

Jenny's background at Rapid includes starting in Customer Service in 2015 and making the transition to sales in 2017. Her background in CS has helped her enjoy finding whole packaging solutions. This includes picking out stock options for short term use, to creating custom solutions unique to individual business and industries.

In her free time Jenny enjoys going to concerts - particularly country, pop and rock. She is a die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan and enjoys canning her own food in the fall (her favorite is homemade spaghetti sauce).

Jenny is National Bulk Bag's resident food-grade specialist. This includes but is not limited to pet food, nuts and legumes, and ready-to-eat foods. She understands in depth the stringent rules facing the food industry as a whole and is an expert at helping food companies find the right bag for their product and application. She also has extensive knowledge of woven polypropylene, BOPP, polyethylene, and textile bags.

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