Using Baffled Bulk Bags at Seed Processing Facilities

Using Baffled Bulk Bags at Seed Processing Facilities

The agriculture industry ranks as one of the heaviest users of bulk bags and FIBCs. This is only natural, as the agriculture industry includes countless applications and uses for these types of bags, including storing and transporting produce, grain and other crops. The wide variety of bulk bags available on the market makes them an ideal solution for many of these applications.

One of the most common applications for bulk bags in the agriculture industry is the storage, transportation and delivery of seeds. However, despite their widespread use for this application, standard FIBCs may not be the optimal solution for seed storage. Instead, a baffled bulk bag may be a better option.

Let’s explore the use of bulk bags in seed processing, and the benefits of using baffled bulk bags.


The Benefits of Baffled Bags in Seed Processing Applications 

Seed is essential to the growing process – without viable seeds, farmers would have no way to plant new crops. As farms continue to grow in scope, farmers need to stock, ship and collect large amounts of seed. This seed must be protected against pests, heat and moisture during all phases of the transportation, storage and planting cycle.

Bulk containers are the perfect fit to protect seeds from the elements as they are flexible enough to be used for both transportation and storage – in ideal situations, bulk bags can be used to store seeds for up to a year.

Baffled bulk bags may be the optimal option for transporting and storing seeds, though. However, they offer some significant benefits over standard bulk bags in seed processing applications, including:

  • Stability: Due to their small nature, seeds are prone to shifting within a standard bulk bag, which makes it unstable and difficult to stand upright or stack. Baffled FIBCs offer additional support over standard bulk bags, which helps them retain their square shape when filled with seeds. The square shape allows for easier stacking and more efficient storage of seed filled bags.
  • Strength: The extra support that helps baffled bags hold their shape also helps to keep pests and the elements from fouling valuable seed stores. This added strength makes them a great option for long-term storage and transportation of seeds.

While any bulk bag is a good option for seed applications, baffled bulk bags offer the ideal features to keep valuable seed stores safe during transportation and storage.


Discuss Your Specific Baffled Bag Needs

Knowing if baffled bags are the best fit for your unique seed processing application isn’t always easy. It can also be challenging to source the right baffled FIBCs for your specific needs. At National Bulk Bags, our experts are here to provide the advice and guidance you need to identify the right bag and the most cost-effective source.

Contact us to make sure you’re getting the right bag for your product or application.



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July 29, 2021

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