The Increased Risks Associated with Type C FIBC Big Bags

The Increased Risks Associated with Type C FIBC Big Bags

In certain situations, FIBCs can contain dangerous amounts of electrical charge through the accumulation of static electricity. This is caused by friction either in the handling of the bag or the filling/discharge of materials. This accumulation can be extremely hazardous to those handling the bulk bag and others in the vicinity.

In order to combat this, big bag manufacturers created several types of bags specifically designed to mitigate the dangers of static build up – type C and type D bulk bags. However, in certain situations, type C bags increase the risks of a dangerous static discharge due to human error.


type C FIBC big bag, diagram of type C FIBC, National Bulk BagType C FIBC Big Bags

One of the FIBC big bags designed to mitigate the risks of static buildup are Type C big bags. Type C bags are unique in that they have a cable attached to sidewall of the bag that must be grounded in order to function properly and dispel any static electricity that has built up. When grounded, this cable transfers any static that would normally build in the bag’s woven polypropylene to the cable and eventually into the ground. When properly grounded, this bag is both safe and effective at mitigating dangerous static build up.


FIBC Big Bags, Static Electricity, & Grounding

With Type C big bags, proper grounding of the cable is an effective measure at dissipating static build up. However, ‘proper grounding’ is the key phrase when dealing with Type C. With all things involving humans, there is the chance of human error. It is precisely this error that makes type C FIBCs more risky than other bags with anti-static properties (for example, type D).

When bag handlers forget to ground the type C bag, or ground the bag improperly, the anti-static properties of the bag become completely worthless. This can cause static to build up in the bag unbeknownst to those handling it. This creates extremely dangerous work conditions that can cause injury or in situations where volatile materials are involved, death.


Ways to Decrease Risk When Using Anti-Static Big Bags

For those looking to eliminate a large portion of the human error involved with static resistant bulk bags the best option is Type D big bags. Type D big bags are another type of bag with an active solution for dissipating the buildup of static. Instead of using a cable system that requires the user to ground the bag, Type D big bags use a specialized coating that actively dispels any static that builds up. This method allows the bag to prevent static from building up in the first place. Unlike Type C bags, these bags require no grounding significantly reducing the human element when it comes to anti-static bags.

One of the more recognizable brands of type D big bags is CROHMIQTM brand.

To learn more about the different types of bulk bags, check out this article!


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FIBC Safety Guide CTA Image - National Bulk BagAt National Bulk Bag, safety and reliability are our top priorities. No matter who you purchase your bulk bags from, it's extremely important to take great care when using them. Within this guide we explore comprehensive safety information, best practices, and key safety tips. 

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  3. Safely lifting FIBCs with cranes, hoists, & forklifts
  4. Safely storing empty and full FIBCs

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October 27, 2017

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