What Impacts FIBC Jumbo Bag Lead Times?

What Impacts FIBC Jumbo Bag Lead Times?

Almost all FIBC jumbo bags are sourced overseas. What does that mean? It means that no matter what US-based distributor your organization purchases jumbo bags from, more than likely they are coming from overseas. That means your lead times are going to be impacted by the production and shipping processes associated with each plant. This is important to note as it is critical in the planning and production of projects that use FIBC jumbo bags.

All buyers of bulk bags should ask their suppliers about their sourcing process. Are they explaining the factors that contribute to their lead times? How transparent is your supplier about their lead times and sourcing? Do they notify you of unexpected delays? These are important questions to ask your supplier to further understand why lead times are what they are.


Areas of Sourcing

One of the primary factors that contribute to extended lead times is from where the FIBC jumbo bags are manufactured. Most bags are sourced overseas, most notably in Asia (China, India). Because of this, they must be transported across the ocean in shipping containers. This is generally a slow-moving process that impacts lead times.

Another common area of sourcing is Mexico. Bags sourced in Mexico offer an advantage when it comes to lead times, but comes at a significant price difference. Jumbo bags sourced in Mexico are often significantly more expensive than bags sourced in Asia. However, in certain situations when a custom bag is required and time is critical, Mexican manufacturers can be used. Sourcing from a Mexican manufacturer essentially cuts lead times in half.


The Impact of Warehousing

In order to continue providing high quality jumbo bags at competitive prices while not significantly extending lead times, some suppliers have created warehousing networks across the United States. This allows these suppliers to stock a variety of FIBCs to quickly meet the needs of buyers.

This also allows suppliers to stock custom bags in their warehouses after they are first ordered. If a buyer can take advantage of price breaks when a higher volume of bags are ordered but doesn’t have the space, a supplier will typically offer a warehousing solution to the customer. This also becomes attractive for customers as a trusted supplier will monitor inventory and notify the customer when it is time to re-order.

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Dealing with Long Lead Times

The first step to addressing the problem of long lead times is finding a supplier that is transparent about their sourcing and warehousing capabilities. Ask your supplier about where they source their bags, and what other factors impact the time it takes for you to get your bags.

Make sure your supplier has warehousing in your region. You could be getting charged more for shipping or experiencing extended lead times due to your company’s distance from your supplier’s closest warehouse.

Finally, if you have specific needs, put in a custom bulk bag order with a trusted supplier and make sure they keep your bag in stock. You shouldn’t have to wait weeks to get the bulk bag that best fits your product and application.


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August 25, 2017

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