Exploring the Treasure Trove of Food Grade Info on GFSI’s Website

Exploring the Treasure Trove of Food Grade Info on GFSI’s Website

GFSI is at the center of all things food grade in the FIBC industry. As the largest food safety organization in the world, their ability to recognize and certify the various food safety programs is critical to any products involved in the production, distribution, or processing of food. This is why at National Bulk Bag we only distribute food grade bags that have been certified by GFSI recognized organizations. Five of the many GFSI recognized programs most impact the bulk bag industry – we wrote about them in this post (click here to learn more).

Staying up to date on the latest information in the food industry is critical to properly distributing these bags. We pride ourselves in the ability to help our partners in the food industry find the right bag for their product and application. A big resource for both us and our partners is the GFSI website. Recently redesigned, the GFSI website is a virtual treasure trove of information about the food industry, the various recognized programs, and industry news. We’ve put together some of the highlights.


The Library - Where All the Treasure Lives

The “Library”, located in the top menu on mygfsi.com, is where the vast majority of quality online content can be found on the site. It is divided into 6 different categories by topic. Let’s examine each one individually:

  1. News Updates (mygfsi.com/news-and-resources/?type=news_updates)
    • Pretty straight-forward here. This section focuses on the latest and greatest news and information regarding everything going on with GFSI. This is the best place for news on recognized programs and updates.
  2. Blog (mygfsi.com/news-and-resources/?type=post)
    • The GFSI blog is a little different from this one. It’s still a collection of educational resources they’ve put together. However, most of the content is authored by guest bloggers and other industry experts. It is kept up to date as well with regular postings about 3-4 times a month.
  3. Press Releases (mygfsi.com/news-and-resources/?type=press_releases)
    • GFSI has done a good job separating their news section and press releases (major GFSI related news) from the blog section of their site – a faux pas committed by many websites these days. News should always be separate. This is where they keep all their major press-worthy announcements.
  4. Publications (mygfsi.com/news-and-resources/?type=publications)
    • This is a massively important resource on the GFSI site. It contains all GFSI published materials and their partners – often including materials from their recognized partners and/or programs.
  5. Event Galleries (www.theconsumergoodsforum.com/news-resources/?type=news_updates/section/event-galleries/)
    • This is basically their media gallery from all the events and other live programs they participate in. NOTE: if you do access this, it will bring you to their “media centre” which appears to be hosted separately from the rest of the site. This has recordings of live webinars, infographics, video, etc.
  6. Videos (mygfsi.com/news-and-resources/?type=video)
    • Again, fairly straight-forward here – simply a video library consisting of testimony, interviews, live events and webinars related to GFSI content.


Why this Site is Important to Food Grade FIBCs

As we previously stated in this post (and talked about here) there are 5 GFSI programs that directly impact the food grade FIBC industry. If anything, this website serves as an information hub for those recognized standards. As a purchaser of food grade bags, you may not realize it, but these standards impact the bags we distribute and the suppliers we use. In that sense, GFSI plays a very important role in guiding our own decision-making processes in the food industry.

For more information about GFSI, visit their website at https://mygfsi.com/


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standard vs food fibc - offer-1In today’s competitive food marketplace, IFS and other GFSI recognized accreditations are increasingly important and you need the right packing to ensure compliance.

With over 20 years of food industry experience, National Bulk Bag has the expertise to help you select the right food grade certified bag for your product.

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January 10, 2020

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Jenny Rosa is an Account Manager for the industrial bag division of Rapid Packaging and National Bulk Bag. She received her Associates Degree from St. Cloud State University and was previously a researcher at JNR Adjustment.

Jenny's background at Rapid includes starting in Customer Service in 2015 and making the transition to sales in 2017. Her background in CS has helped her enjoy finding whole packaging solutions. This includes picking out stock options for short term use, to creating custom solutions unique to individual business and industries.

In her free time Jenny enjoys going to concerts - particularly country, pop and rock. She is a die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan and enjoys canning her own food in the fall (her favorite is homemade spaghetti sauce).

Jenny is National Bulk Bag's resident food-grade specialist. This includes but is not limited to pet food, nuts and legumes, and ready-to-eat foods. She understands in depth the stringent rules facing the food industry as a whole and is an expert at helping food companies find the right bag for their product and application. She also has extensive knowledge of woven polypropylene, BOPP, polyethylene, and textile bags.

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