What is ProvisionGard™ (PVGard)? What does it have to do with Bulk Bags?

What is ProvisionGard™ (PVGard)? What does it have to do with Bulk Bags?

Staying up with the latest and most innovative trends in the FIBC industry is extremely important as a distributor of bulk bags. However, it is equally important for buyers, suppliers, and/or anyone else involved in the industry. This is especially true when it comes to the trends regarding the food industry and food grade bags due to the delicate nature of the industry.

Regulations, standards, and new technology that impact the industry are constantly evolving, requiring diligence when it comes to researching these new trends and maintaining industry knowledge.

One of these new trends is a brand-new technology that has been integrated into bags called ProvisionGard™ (PVGard). PVGard is especially relevant in the food grade bulk bag industry due to some of its anti-insect properties. But what is ProvisionGard™? How does it impact the food grade FIBC industry? Let’s explore.


What is ProvisionGard™?

ProvisionGard™ (often referred to as “PVGard”) is a water-based additive that is designed to be an active insect-growth-regulator (often referred to as an IGR). The purpose of the additive is to control insect infestation in packaged products over a period of up to 2 years. The additive works by preventing insects from evolving through their lifecycle stages – stunting their population growth in the process.

Although PVGard is a chemical additive, it is not considered harmful to other animals and/or children – a defining and significant feature of the product.


What does ProvisionGard™ have to do with (food grade) FIBCs?

As we discussed above, PVGard is a water-based IGR – and that makes it particularly useful for the food industry. Particularly with packaging materials where it is paramount to prevent any and all insect infestation.

Being a water-based chemical additive, PVGard is a natural fit for use with FIBCs. During the manufacturing process, the IGR is added to the resin used to create the woven polypropylene strands that hold the bag together. This allows for easier integration into the FIBC manufacturing process. By adding PVGard to the bag resin, the IGR properties are then transferred to the fabric and thus the bulk bag.

This makes it possible for quality suppliers and distributors to offer food grade bags that are created in BRCGS certified facilities (thus food grade) and insect resistant from manufacture (no additional processing required). This type of specialty bag is highly attractive at food companies that use bulk bags.


What Insects Are Targeted by ProvisionGard™? 

It is important to note that PVGard doesn’t cover all insects. However, many of the insects commonly found in food packaging materials are targeted by the additive. These include:

  1. Indian meal moth
  2. Saw-toothed grain beetles
  3. Red flour beetle
  4. Rice weevil
  5. Cigarette beetle
  6. Lesser grain beetle
  7. Confused flour beetles
  8. Psocids

For more information regarding what insects are covered by the additive, check out their website by clicking here.


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June 06, 2019

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