Jumbo Bags: Great for Building Cofferdams

Jumbo Bags: Great for Building Cofferdams

Bulk Bags (also known as Jumbo Bags) have proven to be effective for storing and transporting a variety of products and materials but a new use for these versatile woven polypropylene bags has recently emerged. The most common method of damming off property is stacking polypropylene sandbags but recently, FIBCs have been found to be great for emergency water control and building cofferdams.

Let’s examine why Jumbo Bags are great for building cofferdams as well as some best practices for building cofferdams using FIBCs. For regular updates, subscribe to our blog by filling out the “Subscribe to our blog updates” form to the right.


Using Jumbo Bags for Building Cofferdams

Cofferdams are a watertight enclosure pumped dry to permit construction work below the waterline, as for example when building bridges or repairing a ship. Bulk bags are perfect for building cofferdams because they:

  • Can be quickly deployed and quickly removed when the temporary dam is no longer needed.
  • Can be built to any configuration.
  • Can be built to accommodate different heights as well as variable river depths and extremely irregular river beds. 

When using bulk bags to build cofferdams, you will need a few additional supplies to effectively keep the area dry. Polyethylene tarps are required used to prevent water from seeping between the bags and further seal the area. You also need bag filler. FIBCs used for building temporary dams can be filled with clean gravel OR sand up to 95% capacity. It is also quite typical for big bags and traditional sandbags to be used alongside each other when building a cofferdam. using sandbags to fit smaller areas where a jumbo bag may not fit.


Looking for Bulk Bags and/or Sandbags to Build a Cofferdam?

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September 19, 2017

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