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Specialty Bulk Bags: FIBC Big Bags with Net Baffles

Bulk bags with baffles are standard bags with extra fabric panels or pieces of string sewn into each of the bag’s four corners. This special reinforcement allows the bag to better hold its square shape when filled making bags with baffles easier to store side by side and/or stack.

Specialty Bulk Bags: FIBC Big Bags with Sift Resistant Seams

Bulk bags are an extremely versatile bulk packaging option. If the material/product is dry and flowable, you can store or transport in these amazing bulk packaging bags.

Specialty Bulk Bags - Vented FIBCs

Depending on your product and/or application, your bulk bag needs change. FIBCs have a multitude of uses across a wide variety of industries. Because of this, a very large number of specialty bags have been created to fit unique products applications in order to better serve the users.

All About Woven Polypropylene Bags

Advances in synthetic polymers over the years have given rise to new innovative materials with a wide variety of applications. One such polymer, called polypropylene, has been particularly useful in the packaging industry.

April 10, 2017

Categories: Bulk Bag Construction

Duffle Top Versus Spout Top FIBC Bulk Bags

A critical question to ask yourself when considering an FIBC for your product is “how am I going to fill this bag?” There is an assortment of ways to fill them, from intricate chutes or equipment applications, down to an excavator bucket. When considering your filling method, construction of the top of the bag is critical in efficiently and effectively filling the bag.

February 01, 2017

Categories: Bulk Bag Construction

What are FIBC Bulk Bags with Baffles?

There are many different types of FIBC bulk bags and the right bag for you depends on your product and application. For example, you may be currently using a type A bulk bag with potentially volatile materials when a type C or D bag is best due to their electrostatic reduction properties.

January 24, 2017

Categories: Bulk Bag Construction

Download our Product Weight Guide & FIBC Volume Calculator

Product Weight Guide and FIBC Volume Calculator

Download our Product Weight Guide and FIBC Volume Calculator to help you determine how much weight a specific bag will hold.


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